everyone write on their status in Facebook..home sweet home...im home..bla bla bla...
but for me..im not at my home right now..
staying at maksu's house for three days..
abah and the rest going to Langkawi.. :(
not for holiday..
but my 'mom' need to attend her seminar there..
so she bring along abah and sisters because of no transport for going there..
theres not a reasonable reason isn't it..?
u can buy ur own flight ticket rite??
argghhh..dun mind it..

for beginning of this mid sem break..
i dunno what i need to do during this break..
study? hang out? loitering?
ive planned to watch movie INCEPTION this wednesday..
this is all because of madam rabiatul need us, AB4, for doing a discussion about this movie during class tutorial session..
ive watched the trailer..
quite interesting movie..seems like Leonardo Dicaprio acting..auwww..love him in Titanic..haha
ive also planned with timmy to study at national library this week..
haha..remind me during high school..
always went there for studying..
and the result is...our grade is GEMPAKKKK..hahaha..
cayalahhh.. till now i cant believe that i got 8As..
enough! enough!
old story..hee~
get to plan balik kampung this friday with kak ipah..
but im quite busy with the assignments and works given..
theres been a long time im not visiting my opah in kampung..

p/s : dun have enough money for hang out, or watch movie..
mama!! i need money....RM200 please....... :3

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