very hates this day..
i hve to woke up early..
very ngantok lahhhhhhh!!!
can i ask?? why microeconomy class start at 8am and has 2hours lecture..??
it seems like my brain 'tersumbat' dude!
solving it by sleep in the lecture class...haha..like heaven dude..!
dah lame tk tdo dlm klas seyh...n seems like i dont understand what the hell the lecturer are explaining bout the microeconomy topics this morning..haha..
after that..my grup toturial AB4 having class amali for chemistry and doing titration experiment..
im so excited of course!!
hahahaha...menjadi ok.........!!!
but 1 of the demonstrator mulut kecoh laaaaaaa...
can u quiet for a while plzzzzz?????
what am i hate most is...the amali class finish at 1pm and im so hungry...
next classes are at 2pm...n i need to rush...
i feel like my legs mcm nk tercabut suda...
walking from chemistry lab to hostel......penat taw tk?????
and thank God that tutorial class for this evening very sempoi wa ckp sama lu laaaa...
ES n English subject..very fun...especially the English tutor Madam Rabiatul...
hahaha...kasi balek ostel awal kowt...cayalah beb!
but i still hates thursday coz it really make me sick!!

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