just a nice story line.

#nowplaying Only Hope by Mandy Moore

nothing much.
writing about it while listening to the song.
such an inspiration.

It can be predicted.
Life for along upcoming week.
Full of papers, everywhere in each corner of the room.
Hey, I'm a tidy person.

Pray a lot, hope for a reasonable success.
not expected too much.

The spirit must be always consistent.
That is one of the key.

waking up a little bit late
the letter that I have been waiting for so long
at last, it come to me.

after a few arguments,
deciding on one decision.

you will find the lights at the end of the dark.

after the moment,
the wonderful story bring a happiness.
smile, smile, and smile.
smile like a fool.

p/s : thump thump !

p/s : ape yang aku merepek ni? 

p/s : padah lama tak update blog, idea hancur berkecai. 

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